Máy in Mimaki khổ rộng SWJ-320S2/S4


Máy in Mimaki khổ rộng SWJ-320S2/S4
Mã sản phẩm : SWJ-320S2/S4
Giá : VND
Chú thích : Máy in khổ lớn chất lượng cao


1.Two models are available

The SWJ-320 printer comes in two models based on print speeds. The standard model, “SWJ-320 S2”, features two in-line printheads, while the high-speed model, “SWJ-320 S4” has four printheads with two staggered conformation.

2. Proven High resolution and quality print

The new “SWJ-320 S2/S4” can be operated in a variety of print modes, ranging from draft mode (360x600dpi) to high-quality mode (1080x1200dpi).
Both models are capable of printing for outdoor and indoor signage. Especially, the maximum print speed of “SWJ-320 S4” is up to 84.6m2/h in draft mode; it contributes productivity of large sized printing. Furthermore, variable-size ink dots printing (7 pl minimum dot size) ensures beautiful print results without a grainy appearance. The “SWJ-320 S2/S4” meets the increasing client demands for higher print quality.

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3. Ease of maintenance

Mimaki products have been reputed for the ease of maintenance. This is the one reason that many clients select our products. The new “SWJ-320 S2/S4” has proven nozzle maintenance functions including pressure purging*1, automatic suction*2 and automatic wiping*3. In addition, the nozzle recovery function temporarily recovers printing without long pause, even if nozzles are clogged.
*1. For the purpose of maintaining the good condition of the printhead, a pressure is applied to ink and the ink is jetted from the printhead.
*2. When the printhead is on a cap, ink that remains on the head nozzle surface is suctioned.
*3. Nozzle surface is automatically wiped. 36

4. Reliable solvent ink “CS100” with affordable price

CS100 ink, available in 2-liter bottles, is not only more affordable than conventional ink cartridges, but the ink has exceptional stability and low propensity to clog nozzles. The CS100 inks also bring the same high Mimaki standards for color accuracy, image durability and weatherability found in conventional Mimaki solvent inks. 37
5. Variety of functions designed from a user stand point.

The “SWJ-320 S2/S4” is equipped with three heaters and drying fan, which accelerates the drying time of printed media. Additionally, fluorescent lights are assembled above the printing area to make it easy for operators to check printed media under the controlled lighting conditions. Since Mimaki has been developing products in order to respond each market needs, our products have been acquiring a good reputation not only in Japan but also in the world.

6. User friendly RIP “RasterLink 6” comes standard

The new “RasterLink6” contains various functions including a printing color simulation and a color replacement function which gives printed images a variety of options. 38
User friendly RIP

1. Easy to follow icons enable users to operate “RasterLInk 6” intuitively and without difficulty.
2. Related settings are brought into one window in order to simplify RIP operations. In addition, set layouts can be re-used at any time by implementing “Register as Favorite”.
3. Printing progress can be monitored on the main screen.
Additional useful functions

1. Layout function as desired
Copied images are freely laid out if print conditions are the same. This function reduces the media waste by enabling an efficient layout.
2. Multi-profile, simultaneous printing function
Several profiles that match conditions can be simultaneously printed. This is effective for test output when the profile for a target image quality or color requires multiple “profile” test prints. Users can select the best profile after actually investigating the output.
*To be supported by RasterLink6 program update.
Web update function

Easy Program update and profile download via Web.

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