Máy in mực UV Mimaki JFX1631 Plus


Nagano, October 4, 2010. Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd. (President: Akira Ikeda; Headquarters: Nagano, Japan) is pleased to announce the new JFX-1631plus and JFX-1615plus UV LED curing large format printers. This series is 80% faster than its existing model JFX-1631 due to a newly implemented post-curing unit. In addition, JFX plus series can be optionally equipped with a roll unit for uninterrupted web printing.

1. Achieves the maximum print speed of 23.6 sqm/h, 80% faster than JFX-1631
JFX plus series now achieves a maximum print speed of 23.6 sqm/h (300 x 600dpi / 4pass / bidirectional) due to the new standard installation of a post-curing unit, whereby the ink gets a secondary curing after the UV curing. This maximum print speed of JFX plus series is 80% faster than the maximum print speed of the current model, JFX-1631. Print service providers requiring fast turnarounds, can thus meet their clients’ requirements with the additional print speed.

* The vertical print range will be shortened by 400mm when using the post-curing unit.

2. Higher productivity for roll media printing
An optional automatic roll unit for unattended and uninterrupted web printing can be obtained for JFX plus series. Thus short run print orders of the same or different jobs* are efficiently processed and printed significantly improving productivity. In addition, continuous printing can be done unattended overnight if there is a large quantity order brings an increase in productivity and quick turnarounds can be achieved.
* Each print size is limited to the maximum print area available on the flatbed.

3. Two models to choose from
JFX plus series will be introduced in two different sizes: JFX-1615plus featuring a maximum print size of 1,602 x 1,500 mm and JFX-1631plus with a maximum print size of 1,602 x 3,100 mm. This enables print service providers to choose their equipment according to their required job sizes as well as their individual environmental requirements.

4. Further benefits
• High image quality with far fewer banding artifacts and the possibility to print legible 3 pt letters.
• UV LED curing enables printing on heat sensitive substrates as its curing diodes do not generate excessive heat thus eliminating media deformation or color changes.
• Direct UV printing on non-coated substrates up to 50 mm thickness
• 2 Ink types available for varied applications – hard or flexible UV curable inks
• White ink makes vivid full color print possible on transparent or colored substrates.
• Clear ink (available only in hard UV curable ink) provides glossy finish or matte finish adding value to the product outcome.
• All inks can be applied with different layer printing enabling dimensional printing with outstanding haptic effects.
• Eco-Cartridges reduce waste – just replace the ink pack inside of the cartridge casing.

Main specifications

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