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Máy in mực UV Mimaki UJF-605CII

Flexible UV ink (F-200) The F-200 flexible UV ink can be stretched by up to 200% and be used for embossing processes such as membrane switches as well as for film-insert molding like panel switches for electronic appliances. The ink is not likely to crack or split even after molding. For example, print on membrane

Máy in mực UV Mimaki JFX1631 Plus

Nagano, October 4, 2010. Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd. (President: Akira Ikeda; Headquarters: Nagano, Japan) is pleased to announce the new JFX-1631plus and JFX-1615plus UV LED curing large format printers. This series is 80% faster than its existing model JFX-1631 due to a newly implemented post-curing unit. In addition, JFX plus series can be optionally equipped